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We blueprint the client’s current clubs and get the specs of what the client is used to. We then get data on the current clubs via Trackman 4 and look at averages to assist us in where we need to start with the client.


Interview client on what they are looking for in a new set, or their current set up. Talk about club head design that might best benefit them according to their needs.


Find and test shaft options for the client until we find the best and most consistent option, then we test different club heads from different manufacturers and find the best option with shaft and head combination. Once we find the correct fit we return to the clients current club and do a head to head comparison with it and the proper fit iron to show the results across an average.


We then discuss set make up and proceed to the bag mapping side of the fitting where we try and help determine how many clubs and or hybrids/fairways will be needed to cover all the gaps. Once determined we then do the same with the wedges, and discuss wedge grinds and lofts according to what the gaps need to be.



We follow the same process with the driver fitting as we do for the irons. We will get the clients current driver set to the best possible setting before we move on to the new product. We then educate the client while we are testing new product and or shafts for current product as to why it is better and what categories it is better in.


Once the fitting is complete we take all the fitting clubs and spec them out so when it comes time to the ordering process we have an accurate blueprint on what we need to build to spec. At this point we discuss grip type and size so that when change from what was tested we build the correct club specifications . All custom builds are done in house to control the quality of what you are buying.


We go over the build sheet and specs with the client and get prices; we do not withhold any fitting data from the client. They get full access to their data at all times via the Trackman locker room app. It is never an obligation to buy from us. We strive for customer satisfaction.

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